About Us

Frontline Outfitters are true specialists in the field of Public Safety uniforms and outerwear distribution. With experience spanning over 20 years, the company is committed to providing professional service and products the Canadian marketplace requires. The Frontline team is a National Company providing agency specific programs to deliver your products consistently and efficiently.

Frontline Outfitters has shown tremendous growth in the Canadian marketplace with Public Safety Agencies from Coast to Coast. With all of our Fire Departments, Law Enforcement Agencies, EMS Departments and Correctional Services, we take pride in our job of outfitting your officers.

Frontline Outfitters provides these professional products through our dedicated staff who truly cares how we impact our customers. All aspects of our Customer Care Program are meticulously maintained: tracking customers’ information, processing accurate and detailed orders, tailoring garments to specific needs and requirements, and communicating openly with our clients. Uniforms can be challenging for agencies when it comes to outfitting all officers and staff, and that is why Frontline Outfitters specializes in this important field and takes it very seriously.

Thank you to the many agencies who worked with us over the past 20 plus years, and we look forward to meeting many more customers in the years to come. If your department has not dealt with us in the past, we invite you to call or email today. We guarantee we will make every effort possible to become one of your most important suppliers.