Uniform Program Benefits

Outfitting your entire agency in uniforms can be a huge undertaking. With so many challenges to consider, from sizing all of your officers, keeping track of items they ordered, the administration involved in placing and receiving orders, stocking all the sizes you need, and re-ordering year after year... it can be a complex and daunting experience.
Frontline Outfitters are tailor built to take care of all of your logistical requirements. We have drawn on our 20+ years of experience in the field to build a full professional Quartermaster program that includes the following:

  • Stocking Products - Frontline warehouses a large range of both male and female sizing based on feedback from all of our customers.
  • Tailor Shop - We have a team of professional tailors on site who are trained specifically on uniform garments and the needs of public safety.
  • Personalized Packaging Program - The officer's order is individually packaged and labeled to ensure ease of distribution when your order arrives.
  • Crests and Regalia - We can keep track of all of your shoulder flashes and crests and let you know when more is needed. Our tailors will attach flashes to the garments as orders are processed, and we will deliver uniforms ready for the officers to wear right out of the box. Frontline can also provide professionally manufactured crests when needed.
  •  Civilian Specific Needs - In addition to all the officers, Frontline Outfitters can supply shirts, pants, and jackets for your dispatch, volunteer or support staff with uniforms that carry the same professional theme as the frontline staff at a value that is beneficial to your overall budget.
  • Specifications - Frontline Outfitters can provide a full specification detailed report of all the garments we provide to ensure you maintain a high quality uniform when you purchase - and that year after year this same quality and style is sustained on a multi-year contract.
  • Service - The most important aspect to any uniform program is communication between the client and the supplier - and we understand this completely. Frontline Outfitters will work with your agency as your needs arise, and we will keep you informed of all the information you need on your end so there are no surprises. New officer recruits and special dates that have to be met with uniform needs will be communicated through our qualified staff.