Public Safety Supply Specialists

Misc. Equipment

Practical and tactical accessories.

credit card badge wallet
This hidden badge wallet is our most popular model
Badge id holder
These cases are available with a custom cut to rec
Clip on badge holder
This non-recessed holder is worn on the belt and c
Badge Holder with Chain
This non-recessed holder is specifically designed
Blackhawk ergonomic duty harness
Ease the load of your duty belt to help prevent ba
Zak handcuff key
This long handcuff key is compatible with all stan
Cruisermate by Saunders
Need something just a bit bigger?
Zak ZT55 Key Ring Holder
Ideal when you need quick access to many keys.
notebooks and refills
Standard 3.5" x 5" Police notebook.
Uncle Mike's patrol equipment bag
Uncle Mikes Side Armor Patrol Bag is built to last
Blackhawk replica guns
For all of those in need of a replica weapon that